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We operate since 2009: we build on the original ideas in businesses and search for the creativity in the approach to market.

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What we do

Creative Thinking Ventures helps to start up new companies providing initial capital such as pre-seed funding, an advisory service for startups and business development consultancy for SMEs.

Pre seed

This is earliest stage, when there is almost nothing but ideas and where the startup, most of the times, is not even formed.


We offer an approach very close to the CEO and his team in order to assess the risk and often the risk of turning into benefits for the company itself .

Business plans

This is the main tool for the startupper himself, and for investors as well, to evaluate the idea and its strengths and weaknesses, plusses and minuses, market growth and maturity of concept.


In this phase the capital investment happens in the start of production, when the company already exists, but the commercial potential of the product or service is still unknown

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Successfull supported startups since 2009.



We are about sales development and sales organization. Success requires a total dedication to the satisfaction of your customer’s needs. This is about attitude. But it is not enough; doing the right things at the right moment to exceed your customers’ expectations requires to be organized. We can help you !

  • 1.Start up new sales.
    Starting up new businesses and markets. We have helped in start-up situations and with startup companies, validating business plans and the all important execution.
  • 2.Organize your salesforce.
    So that every minute of your salesmen delivers the most results, and is used at its best. An organized salesman succeeds.
  • 3.Train your salesforce.
    Motivate them with your level of motivation. Selling is always the most difficult task, and a trained salesman has many more possibilities to close the deal.
  • 4.Develop your Business.
    Structure your sales and business organization, develop it efficient and performing. Are you an established industry or a startup, we can help you to develop.

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Worldz closes a round of 572 thousand euros

Worldz, the Italian startup that has created software that allows every e-commerce to become a social commerce, has closed a round of €572K also signed by Intesa San Paolo.

Even during the climate of restrictions, Worldz confirms its solidity and its growth trend with a + 500% of turnover over 2020, as had already happened in 2019.

This reconfirmation allowed to finalize in October a round of investments for over half a million euro, which saw the support of a group of Lombard investors and the largest Italian banking group, Intesa Sanpaolo, which decided to take out a convertible loan.

The startup currently has ambitious objectives including: the integration of new technological features in synergy with the Bank and with other important market players, investments in the Media area and in the acquisition of new resources in the Sales area, as well as such as the opening of new markets in Europe, first of all the UK market.

What does Worldz do?
Worldz is an e-commerce plugin that allows you to integrate social features within digital shops. This integration allows you to optimize the functionality of the website, accompanying customers along the purchase funnel, profiling the store traffic and offering users a personalized discount in exchange for social sharing with the chosen product.

According to Worldz's logic, each social post has an economic value that is proportional to the interest a user generates among his friends and followers. Thanks to the technology developed by the startup, this value is calculated by an algorithm and is made available to those who access the service in the form of an immediate discount for online shopping.

MAY 2019

GardenStuff completes round of financing

Gamechanger and innovator of the garden, Gardenstuff, breaks the (psychological) barrier at €100k. And has now completed the round of equity crowdfunding at €140k and an overfunding of 280%.

The team (see picture) has done an excellent job of presenting, explaining and convincing the 35+ investors who are on board.

The campaign on the Opstart platform has closed officially, and finally, on May 14th. No extensions were planned, or necessary. The funding received from the investors and investment funds who trust the startup, are adequate for the ambitious plan we have been presented. And which we have approved, as founding investors in Gardenstuff.

Founder Francesco Tirinnanzi has the backing, now, to bring his team and the company to the next level.
The new financial standing of the company with the updated equity asset statement will put Gardenstuff on the map as the financially most solid start-up in the gardening sector.

This is, and will facilitate, the dealings with banks and financial institutions, who are ready to finance the development of the firm. With long term, low interest loans, to finance the required working capital.

So, the last piece to complete the puzzle is there, and nothing to stop the full layout of opportunities at Dubai 2020 Expo with the vertical garden ELIot. World Expo where Gardenstuff is presenting as the sole Italian startup selected for the Italian pavilion. Endorsed by Regione Lombardia and Politecnico di Milano.

The closure of this round is the stepping stone for everything mentioned in the growth plan which has been published. Watch this (garden) space!

Gardenstuff has been mentioned by AIFI, in this link, it is the Italian Association of Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt.


Overfunding for GardenStuff

Gardenstuff achieved overfunding status in just 12 hours.

The equity crowdfunding campaign, which started on the Opstart platform on Monday the 4th of February has reached overfunding status almost immediately.

This is a clear indication of the level of interest and the backing of investors that this startup has. And that's no surprise. The specialist in gardening and garden services for the home has patented products and a significant pipeline of innovations to come.

Amongst which a vertical garden for appartments, to be used inside the home or on the balcony. This new concept allows anyone to manage and control plants or vegetables with intelligent software for the best possible results.

More info about the campaign follow the LINK.

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