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We are an investment and consulting group of companies. We take care of the growth of high potential startups and innovative SMEs.

Our approach is twofold, strategic and practical, we are not afraid "to get our hands dirty". We operate in developing online and offline sales, digital marketing and marketing mix, and business development.

We assist startuppers and teams in the pre-seed stage. Our main focus is on Italy. The idea must be original and offer a new (creative) way of proposing a product / service or in resolving a customer problem.

We have a different approach from many other companies in our sector, and will intervene in a much earlier stage, with mentoring services an acceleration programme, and, where appropriate, also with financing.

Our aim is to be part of the founding investors team, and participate to and assist the startup team from the earliest stage (pre-seed) with mentoring / advisory support and, if sensible, with funds. We help the startup to develop up to the IPO stage.


Creative Thinking Ventures, as the name suggests, is continuously searching for right talents and original ideas. We trust a creative approach to the market, we help to translate the originality of a business strategy into company growth and future earnings, and development in the longer term.

We assist very young startups trough pre-seed and seed stages. Up to becoming an early stage venture, proving they have the right and meaningful metrics and demonstrating the ability to generate traction.


We are very selective in our choices but open-minded. We have a strict screening process regarding business evaluation and team in its operating principles / motivation.

We focus on talent and originality carefully evaluating business plan reliability and sustainability. In the end the Execution is key, to create a sustainable business, with satisfied and paying customers and users.

At the same time our approach, very close to the CEO and to the founding team, allows us to assess the risk and turn it into an advantage for the company.


Creative Thinking Ventures was co-founded by Marnix Groet and a team of managers. Marnix has 30 years of experience as a professional manager in international business, in multinational and entrepreneurial companies, investor and investments manager in listed companies since 2009 (NASDAQ).

Our associates are experienced managers and investors, open minded and ready to take a risk to invest in the right team and idea. Once it is validated by our proprietary selection process.

We are present since 2013 in the field of innovation and startup businesses, the Internet Industry, digital tools, IOT, ecommerce and marketplaces. We operate an alternative business accelerator with a virtual and lean approach.

With our consulting arm we have been active in advisory since 2004, in startup mentoring, SME consulting, business turnarounds and restructuring, and development of international business.

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