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Garden Innovation & IOT.

January 2017 - GardenStuff is founded. A startup operating in the garden sector, windowsills, patio's, terraces and balconies with clever and safe solutions.

A very interesting young company that has been able to innovate, in a substantial way, and patent-protected, in an "ancient" field such as gardening and decoration.
And in fact, most competitors go along working, as they always did, with products which are always the same. Or just with an incremental product innovation.

But obviously so old the sector is not, ... at all! > If someone can start an innovative startup in Italy, working on the clever decoration of our windowsills and balconies. Adding intelligence and new functionality with IOT.
Safety first, any solution needs to be decorative and safe.

GardenStuff innovates by combining highly decorative products with the utmost security, and intelligence. And is proposing this on its websites and by ecommerce.

Gardenstuff was founded by Francesco Tirinnanzi and his team and is present in the best Italian gardenstores, in the large specialized DIY and garden superstores and also online with dedicated and specialized websites.

A short video explains (in Italian) what the company does and the sector in which it operates, here.

September 2017 - The startup is at Gafa/Spoga in Cologne to launch the first self contained vertical garden. A functional and clever solution to grow plants on the outside and the inside of the home.

April 2018 - Gardenstuff closes a private round of financing.

January 2019 - Gardenstuff starts its first round of equity crowdfunding with a campaign on the Italian platform Opstart < LINK

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Gardenstuff, together, and in collaboration with Team2Grow, an Italian alternative finance company.

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