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What we do

What we do

Creative Thinking Ventures helps to start up new companies providing initial capital such as pre-seed funding, an advisory service for startups and business development consultancy for SMEs.

Pre seed

This is earliest stage, when there is almost nothing but ideas and where the startup, most of the times, is not even formed.


We offer an approach very close to the CEO and his team in order to assess the risk and often the risk of turning into benefits for the company itself .

Business plans

This is the main tool for the startupper himself, and for investors as well, to evaluate the idea and its strengths and weaknesses, plusses and minuses, market growth and maturity of concept.


In this phase the capital investment happens in the start of production, when the company already exists, but the commercial potential of the product or service is still unknown

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Startups and SME's are businesses like any other but need a specific approach. Which requires expertise in the workings of these companies and experience in advising the teams.

Whether you have a startup or an SME, we offer an approach very close to the CEO and his/her team, in order to assess the risk and often the opportunity of turning a risk into benefits.

We are experts in business development, sales and marketing. We will help you to measure what is truly relevant to the success of your business, according to the common sense "what gets measured gets done".

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