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We are an investment and consulting firm. We take care of the the growth of high potential start-ups and
innovative SMEs in commercial area and within marketplaces.We mainly assist young start-ups trough pre-seed
and seed financing, or startups at the early stage proving they have the right"metrics". Creative Thinking
Ventures, as the name suggests,is continuously searching for right talents and original ideas. We trust a
creative approach to the market,  helping to translate the originality of a business strategy into company
growth and future earnings in the longer term.

We are very selective in our choice but open-minded. We have a strict screening process regarding business
and team in its operating principles / motivation. We focus on talent and originality carefully
evaluating reliability and sustainability of the business plan to satisfy the customer and the user. At the
same time our approach very close to the CEO and to the team, allows us to assess the risk and turn it into
advantage for the company.

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