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Cookies are small files stored on your hard drive. Creative Thinking Ventures. mainly uses cookies that are automatically deleted at the end of each login session. These are used by Creative Thinking  to allow user to:

  • use certain personalized services
  • avoid the need to repeatedly enter the password
  • provide targeted information during navigation according to own interests
  • improve the safety of the site, also through the activities of prevention of illegal activities
  • realize, anonymously and as an aggregate research on interests and behavior of our users
  •  In cookies will be stored temporarily, the following personal information:
  • URL of origin: (both in the case where the URL is, whether it is on other sites)
  • subsequently typed URL (both in the case in which the URL is, whether it has on other sites)
  • the type of browser that is used
  • IP address

If the browser used allows it, user is always free to decline cookies, but in this case he may be prevented from using certain services of Intempra S.r.l. and maybe he will be required to enter password several times during the same session. User will also find cookies or other similar automatic procedures of data collection placed by third parties on certain pages of the site.

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